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Meet Eduina

From law to space optimization

Mother of three, Eduina first worked in the international business as a lawyer then in several corporate roles for nearly a decade.

Over time, eager to devote herself as much as possible to her family without sacrificing her professional development, she invents a place to live that she conceived ergonomic and aesthetic enabling her to gain both efficiency and energy in daily life. Quickly a real passion sets in. Eduina plans functional transformations, learns to draw and to tinker, trains to 3D softwares to support projects that are growing in scope. She renovates, transforms, coordinates actual projects, until reaching the obvious: the need to make a career out of it. Convinced that anything is possible when we give ourselves the means, she decides to change her life and resumes studies in interior design specialized in space optimization.

iMAJinES is an Ode to this past journey that forged her and the source of the methodology she applies to each new project. This methodology is based on a primary triptych: listening, observing and analyzing. This explains why each project constitutes a perspective between a lifestyle and a defined space. It is by mobilizing all the skills and experience acquired over a decade that the exercise is made possible: a thoroughness, a solution minded spirit and a sense of detail sharpened during her past career, a sense of listening and organizing that she develops on a daily basis in contact with her children, with on top of that the solid technical skills that she acquired during her studies in interior design and space otpimization.

Beyond a methodology, it is a real vision of the management of interior design projects that is defended with iMAJinES: an exchange exercise through which Eduina accompanies her clients to identify their needs and exploit the technical constrains of their spaces to create their dream home place.

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